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Update from latest service - unit dropped off on 6-12-17 and told it would take a week and a half. After several calls to General Rv (some returned and some ignored by people who obviously believe they are too important to return calls from paying customers) my husband has been yelled at for me posting a review on Facebook, and promised things that never happened.

We were assured we would have our unit back before the holiday weekend and to continue with our vacation plans. Well 8 days after the promise date (and 6 phone calls later, each being told the next day with our unit never getting priority knowing that vacation days were used and plans were made based off of the promise given) we were told we could pick it up on 7-6-17 (so much for that vacation). When we get there and they pull the unit around to the front, the real nightmare begins. The repair work done on our unit was worse than the damages to begin with.

Paint doesn't match, paint runs, dirt in paint, overspray everywhere, caulking used was wrong color and poorly applied, new scratches and scuffs just to mention a few problems. Then moving on to the inside of the unit that was dropped off clean. They had a few repairs that needed to do since January. Well some were done and some we were told they were still waiting on parts (like our doghouse that was damaged) apparently it is supposed to be acceptable to wait 6 months and still not have parts.

The door they replaced because it was cracked was filthy, the toilet seat they replaced, also dirty. There are greasy handprints and smudges from workers inside the unit and glue on the fabric near a place they repaired trim. The service guy said there was no way they used glue yet on printout it states, removed old glue and reattached. The stainless steel fridge had something splattered on in and when I pointed it out to Greg he walked over and ran his finger down the fridge against the grain, because that isn't exactly how you scratch stainless?

Obviously showing no regard to our property. There were new scratches in the woodwork that they tried covering up with crayon. You can see it from outside the unit it is so large and poorly fixed. Greg mentioned several times about having it cleaned before we picked it up, another empty promise.

Our slide outs needed adjusted before delivery of our unit, never done, asked to have them adjusted both times it went into service, never done. The body work and paint issues are from the slide out cracking our wall which service said was due to spot weld coming loose so they "fixed" that (hopefully better than other repairs) but the slide outs were still not adjusted and making the same noises as before. Service guy said that they would need to adjust those the next time it is in. I also heard at least a half a dozen times or so that ALL UNITS DO THAT!

Really?!? I do not believe that all units grind parts of the floor out while the slide out goes in and out or that all units hit the side hard enough to break spot welds and crack walls. I believe these issues could have been prevented (or damages lessened) if the proper maintenance was given by the dealership. I do not believe that all units have wiper issues where the wipers go off the side of the windshield while driving down the road in heavy rain.

Not fixed properly this could cause an accident. Yet my repair printout states "do not know how to correct this problem" and the unit was returned. The only thing we have gotten to date.... excuses, more damage, and empty promises.

The unit we purchased brand new in January now looks like it has been repaired in someone's backyard and is only warranted for 90 days (so much for the manufacturer warranty or extended warranty we purchased)! Never an apology for lost time, ruined vacation plans, or destroying our unit. Just a "well go use it for the summer and bring it back at the end of the season since we don't want you to miss anymore camping time". Was that supposed to make me feel like you cared, meanwhile every time we use it, we create more damage because you haven't managed to fix it in the first six months!

Really General RV? This is customer service and repair work?

I bought a new unit that is no longer close to new from no fault of my own. What rights do I have as a consumer?

Product or Service Mentioned: General Rv Center Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: The repairs done like they were promised upon purchase. Nothing more than any other consumer would want. If you can't fix the problem and make it new, replace the unit. .

I liked: Coach.

I didn't like: Poor customer service and the quality of the work done here, Service or the owner who cant make a call back.

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