I am a 21 year veteran of the US Marine Corps, I am also disabled with a spinal condition. I went to the Mt Clemens, MI location.

I walk with a very noticeable limp and I often use a cane or walker to get around. Pat, my salesman, who may have been in the business for many years, didn't do the best job of selling me what I wanted. I told him what I wanted and then he looked at their inventory. He only found two in the color I wanted.

He proceeded to show me 3 RV's in colors that I already told him I didn't like. I was thinking maybe there is a promotion on these particular RV's that he kept on bringing me in and out of attempting to sell me on the features. Also, these RV's I'm looking at are at the very end of the lot, that's my problem because as I stated earlier, I am a disabled veteran with a spinal condition, who also walks with a limp. There was a couple on the RV that I was supposed to be shown so Pat decided he wanted to walk me and my wife to all these other RV's that already said I didn't want to see.

A female saleswoman drives up to us and tells Pat that the couple was having a discussion and they wanted to be left alone. So Pat attempted to show us other RV's. I said, Pat we are done looking and we are leaving. As I say this, I see all these other couples riding with their salesman/saleswoman on the back of golf carts.

I asked if he had access to the same golf carts as the other salesmen and he said yes the keys are right here. I said you should have got one for us because you see how I'm walking, you keep trying to sale me RV's that I don't want, you keep walking way in front of us(because I walk slow and with a limp) and you are very short when we ask a question. Throw my information out, we are leaving. As I get back in the store I asked for a manager and I meet the manager Rick Perry.

I told him about my experience and ensured I said how Pat didn't use a golf cart to help get us around the lot because every other salesperson had one for their clients. Rick Perry quickly went into defense mode and defended what Pat was doing to us. I explained to Mr. Perry how I thought that more than one couple should be able to view the same RV.

Mr. Perry said I should give the other people their privacy because the RV was private property. I asked him what is the company policy and said there is no policy. Then he started getting rude with me, making faces and pointing his fingers all sorts of directions.

He said I was acting like a 3 year old. He got up from his chair, walked around the desk and got directly in my face and told me to leave. Joshua told Rick Perry to calm down and Joshua grabbed Mr. Perry's arm because it looked like Rick Perry was about to assault me.

I said you know this is on camera and I will file a complaint. Rick Perry was still yelling at me and he told me to get out again. I felt embarrassed because people looking at me and Rick Perry kept yelling at me. Rick Perry called the receptionist and told them to call the police on me.

I haven't did anything wrong. I asked the other receptionist that wasn't on the phone what is the owners name and she gave me it. I am embarrassed and I feel humiliated. I also feel that race may have played a part in what occurred.

Rick Perry turned what I hoped to be an enjoyable ownership experience to me not wanting to buy a RV at all. I am handicap and disabled.

I was treated like *** and nearly assaulted. This isn't right.

Product or Service Mentioned: General Rv Center Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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