Horrible, terrible, absolutely the worst customer service ever! We bought a brand new Thor Quantum motorhome and used it twice so far.

Both times we came back with a list of things wrong with it. We took it back to General RV in North Canton to have these items fixed under warranty. The first service advisor(yea there were 2 different ones because of his attitude) was very negative and as we were pointing out the things wrong he would tell us "we may have to just put up with that" or " I don't think they will fix that". Are you kidding me?

We just spent a lot of money on this thing and paid cash, we are not "going to put up with" anything. After arguing with him for over an hour and pointing out all that was wrong with it we left it there to be fixed. This was after the first time we used it. The next time we used it, we found out that a lot of the things they "FIXED" were still wrong with it and not fixed properly and of course added to the list.

The first time we took it in one of the things wrong with it was the running boards were loose. They said they fixed them but when we went to use it the second time one of the running boards fell off when somebody stepped on it. There was a gap where the camper box met up with the cab. The bathroom door was mounted crooked and there was a 3/4" gap at the bottom.

Rubber molding was installed improperly and was wrinkled up and falling off. When it was sitting there to be fixed the second time, it had rained and there was 3" of water on the top bunk. The skylight was never sealed down to the roof. I could keep going but the point of this is to let everybody know that the very poor quality control at Thor only led to worse quality workmanship by the techs at General RV in North Canton.

What made things worse was the Service Manager refusing to acknowledge the issues let alone fix them. He always had an excuse, mostly blaming Thor for the parts they sent him but also complaining my standards were too high. It came down to telling me to drive it off the lot and don't bring it back. If I wanted it fixed I would have to drive it out to Thor and let them do it.

When I went over to the main store to ask how I can speak with the owner, some *** walks up to me all puffed up telling me he runs the place and told me to leave. No talking to me, no asking if he could help, just threatened me to leave. Not wanting to waste any more time here I told him to F off and walked away. He followed after me challenging me to fight him.

Telling me I had no idea who he was and I couldn't back up what I said to him. I told him to follow me off the property and he said we will see who was the first to back off when we got to the street. Of course he never came out to the street and by that time had 4 other guys around him. The motorhome is now worse than it was when we took it in to be fixed.

Everything was an argument, nobody wanted to except responsibility and make things right. No pride in their work, poor quality craftsmanship, I'm shocked they would present this thing as finished knowing it is not right. I tried calling corporate and again nobody wanted to except responsibility and of course the owner still hasn't called me back. Do Not buy from them, Do Not take anything there to be serviced.

One of the worst companies ever!

These are just some of the pictures of the poor quality workmanship by General RV in North Canton. These are pictures of some of the things they "fixed"!

Review about: General Rv Center Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Poor customer service and the quality of the work done here.

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