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We bought our Voltage toy hauler on March 1, 2014. We wanted a garage screen installed and two stools before we left for vacation on April 17.

That didn't happen. We took it back when we returned from vacation for the screen, stools and to have the refrigerator fixed, as it wouldn't make ice, and were told it would be ready mid-week. That was 4 weeks ago. I would not recommend buying an RV from General RV in Birch Run.

The service manager has never returned my phone calls. I would like to use my RV before the summer is over.

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We got a used camper from there in 2013. Went camping right out of the parking lot.

Our converter box had gone bad the first night along with one tank of propane. We called them and returned back there after our vacation and they took very good care of us.

A brand new converter box and a new tank of gas. I think its the person more then the place of business in a lot of these situations.

to Oh Man #872447

The end of the story is - we waited 5 months before we got the screen. We tracked it ourselves, so we know it was delivered.

We picked it up and installed it ourselves. We've never gotten a call from them to replace a graphic that was nicked by one of their service guys either.

Even if they call, it's never going back to them. They have no soul.

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